Residential & Commercial Property Consultants

In An Emergency / Out of Hours

Any repair issues responsibility of the landlord should be reported to us in Writing/Email or Phone during our office hours which are Monday to Friday between 10am to 6.30pm, excluding weekends/bank holidays. We are usually able to respond to emails outside our opening, so email us in the first instance.

Te: 020 8715 9444

Emails:, or

If there is an emergency situation outside our office hours, which is not regarded a 999 emergency call. You must contact/email us first, if you do not get a response within 3 hours and issue cannot wait until the next day, then you can contact a qualified local contractor to solve the issue or make the property safe.

Important Information:

We or the contractor will determine if this is an absolute emergency and a landlord issue, if not you will be liable for the costs. When calling out of hour contractors be aware that some companies are extremely expensive so get an indication of the cost/quote first as we will only cover any costs reasonably incurred.

What is Considered An Emergency

  • Sever Leak which will cause danger to the property or the building. In first instant, you should turn the water off at the tap or mains stop cock
  • Loss of electrical power to the whole property. If power cut, check your fusebox first if beyond meter then contact UK Power Networks
  • Blockage or unable to use your only toilet (if the blockage has been caused by you, then you will be responsible for the costs).
  • No water and there is no other form available.
  • Broken window/s or door following a break-in.

If you smell gas around your meter, then contact gas emergency service (National Grid) immediately on 0800 111 999 and turn off your gas supply. If you believe it's coming from an appliances and beyond the meter contact us but turn off your gas first.

In life-threatening situation contact 999

If Power cut check your fusebox if beyond your meter then contact UK Power Networks.